shut up it’s fucking punk

coachella is getting out of control

sexual orientation: katy perry whispering “happy birthday”

Title: "Konichiwa Bitches!"
Played: 8010 times

never trust a katy perry wax figure when u see one

when it happens..

the lord works in mysterious ways…

louder than a lion

I was a good christian kid once. I would spend my days spreading Jesus’ words around the neighborhood and my nights at the church. Sadly, one day everything changed. I lost hope in humanity and stopped believing in God. I felt Satan entering my body as I marked my left arm with the illuminati sign using the blood of an innocent virigin’s sacrificed body. I love the devil and all the other dark lords since that day… And I’ll never forget this day, when everything changed and became so much more clear to me. I’ll never forget the day I watched Katy Perry’s performance at the Grammys. Thank you Katy Perry. Thank you.

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