shut up it’s fucking punk

Anonymous asked:
i just pooped myself going through your blog. omf.

this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read thx

Anonymous asked:
Yeah uhm about your Katy Perry coachella post, she's a pop queen not an indie queen. The two are polar opposites and just because 'indie' is a trendy thing right now, doesn't automatically make everything that's popular 'indie'. Indie = independent.

sorry but 101% of my tags are supposed to be ironic, including that one. just clarifying. thanks for the message anyways :)

coachella is getting out of control

sexual orientation: katy perry whispering “happy birthday”

Katy Perry revealing she’s a Satanist 

truth hurts

Title: "Konichiwa Bitches!"
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never trust a katy perry wax figure when u see one

when it happens..

remember when